Saturday, January 9, 2010

We are family.

So it is new years eve and I am on my way to Chicago because of an early flight on New Years Day. I guess this will be my first entry for my blog. Let me just start off by saying, I have never had a blog before. I really do not know how to blog. I don't even know what blog means. "Sounds like, another word for "PIG!'" I just know that my groovy friend Rachel is blogging awesomely from Japan and I wanna be just like her. I also have a reason to blog. I am very self absorbed. I know this because I am me, and also, I have been told this by family members and friends for many years. And ya know what? I just can't help it. I have tried to not be so self absorbed, and in my trying to not be self absorbed, I become even more self absorbed. I will say this in my defense, I have tried to give back all of the attention that I have stolen through these 30 years of life. As a preschool teacher who hears "Hey! look what I can do!' Or, "Watch me!" Or, simply, a non provoked "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Just for a look, I have built up the patience and realized one thing, we all need love and recognition. I know I am just like them so I recognize their hopping on one foot, or their picture they drew me or their throwing of a block across the room with enthusiastic awe or an appropriate redirection. Some people can go their whole lives under the radar, "No pictures please!" I am not that person. Give me a stage! Who's taking pictures! Give me a BLOG! That is why I went into theatre. That is why I became a preschool teacher, well, also to make the world a better place, and that is why I have accepted a job to travel Italy teaching English to children THROUGH theatre. That is where this blog is going to take you. And hopefully not bore you to death.

I have some dried tears on my cheeks from saying goodbye to my family today. This has been the first Christmas in I don't even know how many years that is was just us. Just the five of us, plus my adorable, energetic, hilariously bright Niece and wonderfully adventurous Nephew and my sister's significant others.

I have had to work these past couple years not to mention the passing of my Nana a few days before Christmas last year and the death of a dear friend a week before Christmas the previous year. It wasn't only nice to be with the whole family, but with the whole family sans a funeral. The pettiness was limited, the fights were non existent, and the love was present and strong. I am the sentimental one and will call out the moments to cherish openly and this year, it was accepted warmly and agreed all around. This Christmas will be hard to beat.

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