Sunday, January 10, 2010

My wallet was stolen but I won't hold it against you.

We had our first couple of rehearsals and they are going well. Very well. There is so much to learn. There is so much to memorize, there is such a way to memorize all of the grammar and all of the cultural differences between American English and "English" English. For instance, English pronunciation, like c-ah-stle as opposed to c-a-stle. We have about 6 children's plays to memorize and about 5 different sketches. They are all for specific age groups. Simple Present, Past continuous, possessive adjectives, all of the things that I never understood about foreign language learning, we are to enforce through our dialogue in the plays. They are full of songs and lots of movement and running around. We went through the fairy tale story boards yesterday. It is going to be a lot of work in a little bit of time but I am confident that we will pull it all together, we have to. After next week , it will literally be four actors, four scripts, a gas card a highway and a two week schedule of where we are going to be located. Then, we go to the next location. This is for five-ish months.

I know all of the people here now. We have had time to bond. Clicks are being formed, how is it going to be divided? We have 32 people. How in the hell is Romina going to do this? of course, I have my dream team chosen but, does she see that too? There is a whole art of choosing people based on their dynamics and their ability to exist together. Whatever the groups are, I just know that this is like a festival, I will make friends that I will know for a lifetime. We still have two weeks left and I already am getting a little tender about the goodbye time. But now, I stop. Now...

After rehearsal yesterday, we headed to the Hotel and ate some dinner. After dinner, I was Lucky enough to share some really good vino that would cost a pretty penny in the states but was really cheap here with my new sister in crime, Caroline from Massachusetts. Talk about bonds and dynamics, I am also rooming with a lovely Canadian who lives in London presently. Well, presently in a Hotel in Sanremo but she is really a riot. I am reminded of college with the late nights, the giggling before bed, the boy talk and the P.J's. I am finding that most of the group is just easy to get along with. We are all like minded, we are all in this together and basically, we are all in paradise. Don't get me wrong, we are working hard and will continue to work hard but, we have to have some fun too.

Last night we went to the Cave, where I had my wallet stolen. Which is such shit because it was such a great night until then. We went to hear some Jazz which ended up being more of a Latin drum based band. Everyone was up and dancing, we were taking a ton of pictures, we were bonding with the group, so of course, something had to go wrong. I noticed it was missing a little bit after the big dance of everyone. We had people from our group playing the drums, shaking the percussion, dancing, singing, it was beautiful. It was perfect, it was safe, it was love! I can only come to the conclusion that that was the time when my wallet was stolen. When I held up my camera to take a video of this greatness and these people and this perfect moment. It was the only and I repeat, ONLY time I had my hand off of my purse. There were so many people around me and I have never been pick pocketed. The three times I have traveled abroad to Europe or multiple times in the States, I have always been really smart with my money whether it be a money belt or the old fashioned shoving it in my bra, but this time, I trusted a buttoned purse was safe enough. So I felt like I was taken for a fool. What I found most interesting was that there was a guy at the bar who had seen everything happening and he said that he may know who had stolen my wallet. That he would go and talk to him and try to get my documents back which was basically my drivers license. I also had 70-80 euros in the wallet. So this guy leaves for about 20 minutes, I have a posse of my people waiting to see what the hell is going on with him and others are flooding into another bar. I finally decided to give up and I let Romina buy me a drink. She explained that the documents will probably turn up and I should just cancel my card and we will make a police report in the morning. She lent me her phone and I called mom and dad. It was so good to hear dads voice and I just said, "Dad, I am fine, I am not hurt, but my wallet was stolen and I need you to get me the bank number so that I can cancel it or maybe cancel it for me on line". He was on the computer in a heartbeat and we tried, but no dice. I said goodbye, thank you and I love you and went home. People were so great and so supportive and awesome and kind when this happened. I felt and still feel that it is all going to be alright. I am just so incredibly lucky that I put my passport away in the drawer before I went out. It could have been a whole lot worse.

I watched a Sanremo soccer game today and experienced Italian football at its best and cheapest. A bunch of us then walked the marina, had a lovely Pizza dinner at a nearby restaurant and topped it off with Gelato. Supposedly the best in Sanremo. The night ended with a game of cards and a game of Celebrity with the last 12 standing and now to bed to be up for rehearsal tomorrow. I will read through the scripts tonight...Ciao ragazzi.


  1. Sorry to hear about the wallet. Nothing too critical was stolen I hope ?? Whatever the case, revel in the adventure and keep the updates coming.


  2. Hi Love. I'm so glad you're doing this blog. I feel like I'm right there with you.
    I'm sorry to hear about your wallet, but I'm glad you've got such awesome people there to help you out.
    Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  3. Is Caroline a Sox fan??? I love hockey. Sounds amazing Kristen.



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