Friday, March 5, 2010

Lazy is me.

I have not blogged in forever, I know. The simple pimple of it is, I have not been inspired, I have not had a proper weekend off, and I have not had free internet access in forever and a day. There is a lot to report but unfortunately, I cannot spill tonight. I have to work tomorrow and I am on a hunt for Mexican food. I love you all. All four of you. Here is a list of things that hopefully will make you stay tuned...


1)I miss random dinners at my Queen Anne flat with Aaron
2)I miss Jo Jo and Becca
3)I miss walking home from the theatre with Shumpy
4)I miss rides home from Tony Beeman
5)I miss talking to my family on the weekend
6)I miss Mexican food
7)I miss running down Post Alley on my way to do a show not designed for 8 year olds
8)I miss knowing I am three hours away from my mom and dad.
9)I miss talking to Abby and John
10)I miss consistency, my own bed, my own bathroom, my own kitchen, I MISS COOKING.
11)I miss Rachel and texting Mari

I miss these things. However, if I had them all, in one place, all together, I would be missing this opportunity that I cannot even explain the greatness of. It is unbelievable on so many levels I have never experienced. It is an artistic challenge, it is a spiritual journey, it is a test of strength, endurance, character, physical capabilities and patience. It is where I am and need to be.


A bohemian lifestyle making good, touring Italy and teaching children through the magic of theatre.