Saturday, February 6, 2010

It has begun...

February 4th 2010,

So here it is,I have been living, working, eating in Italy for a month now. Now things are getting real. I apologize for the lack of blogs since my last entry but, I have been unable to communicate to the outside world, ie...YOU. I am staying in a flat in Milan for a month and there is one spot on the radiator that can pick up a signal. I really only have time to upload Facebook photos and get back to those one or two comments on a comment I made. Here is the long and short of it. I have been put into a group of four actors. I was originally put into another group but because my wallet was stolen, I was put into another group with more drivers. Two out of the three in the new group are stunning and flawless, ones that I would pick but never would have imagined I would have been paired with if it wasn't for my missing proof that I can capably drive. Now, two weeks into it, I have one thing to say. Thank Jah my wallet was stolen. I am completely happy with my group. I am 130% happy with two of my group members but maybe 7% happy with another. The third. She has done an Italian tour before and she has the experience but I personally have no chemistry with her on or off stage. I have no real chemistry with her in waking life, in walking life, in running life, in sleeping life... Though she has a lot to offer and she is freshly intelligent, fresh out of college, new, green, opinionated and creative, she is not my kind of creative. But pish posh as Brandon, the male version of myself would say. We are all in this together and we must make it work. We must make it good. We must make it art...

Awe Brandon... We have so much chemistry on stage, it makes me want to start a touring company with him. He is funny, smart, an incredible dancer and just plain awesome. We were at the supermarket the other night and he was in line buying razors and toilet paper and while I was throwing tampons and cheese on his pile, I had a brief premonition that this scene would be repeated somewhere in the future. Not here, maybe New York, maybe Chicago, who knows. Of course, at that moment, being me, I vocalized the feelings I was having. "Maybe it is too soon to say this, but...I think that you and I will be friends for a lifetime..." Brandon, did not skip a beat...he knows too. He is kind of my soul brother. I love working with him, I love hanging with him, I love living with him, he is completely golden.

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